Octo-Samurai Comic Cover Illustration

The Octo-Samurai comic is just about done!

On my last post I spoke about working on a new personal project. When I started the comic it was to do artwork with my students. After my sketches turned out better than expected I decided to make it into a more finished short comic. Above is the cover illustration, for that piece I decided to do a digital painting (something I have not done in a loooooong time.

As I searched for tips to make it easier, I came across Kyle Webster’s photoshop brushes for digital painting. Buying those brushes was the best $15 I’ve spent in a long time. The brushes really helped me get back into digital painting. That combined with some tips from Bea made a world of difference and really made the comic easier and the quality of the cover illustration better.


Just about all the artwork for the comic is done now. There is some design and other things to do before it is ready to share with everyone, then I will be sharing it with the world. Until then thanks for reading and more artwork coming soon.

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