New Youtube Channel

Over the past few months I have been recording the process of how I create my work. Now I’m sharing my paintings and illustrations via Youtube. Here is a preview trailer of what I’m going to be on the channel.  You can subscribe now to be notified when I upload new videos.   Advertisements

Lots of NEW ART

I haven’t shared anything in a while. That is because I have been busy working on lots of new art planing some changes to the website. I will take the time to talk about what I am sharing in this post in detail later. For now here is a quick run down of some of the new artwork….

Octo-Samurai Chapter 2 Preview

I’m back to working on Octo-Samurai. The next chapter was very fun to work on. In the first chapter I left the story at a cliffhanger (if you missed it check it out here) . Octo was in a losing battle outnumbered and hurt. It didn’t look good for our hero… This is where most…

Octo-Samurai Comic Coming Soon

What do you get when you mix sea life, over-the-top anime, and motivational pep talks ? You get my new Octo-Samurai comic. Octo-Samurai is a character I made up as part of a 30 day sketch challenge I did with Bea a year ago. Ever since the challenge it has been a reoccurring character in my…

Where did Creative Book Review #6 Go?

I’m saying it because debates are taking place in cinema, painting, dance, fiction, poetry and theater on issues where Christians have something to give, and yet they are not even being heard. – Steve Turner Don’t you hate it when you work hard on a project you can’t use? If you follow me on social media,…