Sketchbook Paintings 4: Travel Gouache

poltbelly paint sketch

For a long time I had looked for a travel setup for my gouache. Now, I have found it.

Above is a picture of one of my fun dinosaur sketches I did at a restaurant with my friend Laura.

travel gouache setup

This is a picture of my travel gouache kit.

  1. A collapsible water cup
  2. Ceramic palette
  3. Small tin to store paint
  4. my favorite paintbrushes

I usually don’t bring many tubes of paint with me. I like to work in a limited palette when I’m out. The limited palette adds a challenge and breaks me out of old habits. Typically I use white, black and one of each of the primaries.

2016-02-09 19.59.25

This is a picture of my first travel painting. I went to Starbucks one evening and painted a picture of one of my clients building (we will come back to that in a later post). The test went well, so well I have taken it with me a lot to coffee shops to warm up before I do work in my studio or when I hang out with other artists.

coffee shop paint study22216

coffee shop sketch

This last sketch is from a sketch trip with Bea. We went to a coffee shop (that wasn’t Starbucks) and painted people…who kept moving while I was trying to paint so I had to paint quick.

I have more of these to share … But those will be on a later post.

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  1. I saw your post on the ‘Community Pool’ and just love the idea of painting while sitting at a restaurant or anywhere out in the world. That used to be one of my favorite hobbies (before kids) and with poetry, not painting. There’s so much inspiration in the smallest things I observe in strangers. Take care!

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