Hiatus Collection


Hiatus is a collection of abstract artwork including paintings, surface design, fabrics, and apparel.

Original Artwork

The Hiatus paintings began as an exploration of the beauty of simple brushstrokes, then evolved into much more. In this body of work there are large paintings made to be centerpieces for homes, illustrations for t-shirts and patterns for fabric and some experimental artwork that combine more realistic artwork and the abstract strokes.

Original artwork will be available soon.

Apparel & Other Products

T-shirts, cups, face-masks backpacks, pouches, tote bags, pillows, hoodies, and lots of other things with Hiatus artwork are available now.

Fabric & Decor

Various Hiatus patterns are available on over 20+ types of fabric and wallpaper.

The Hiatus art book features a series of abstract paintings and sculptures born from a time of rest, rejuvenation and exploration while I was taking time away from illustration and teaching.