Octo-Samurai Comic Coming Soon

Octo-Samurai Comic Preview Sketch

What do you get when you mix sea life, over-the-top anime, and motivational pep talks ?

You get my new Octo-Samurai comic.

Octo-Samurai is a character I made up as part of a 30 day sketch challenge I did with Bea a year ago.

Octo-Samurai sketch from 2015

Ever since the challenge it has been a reoccurring character in my work.While it wasn’t intentional at first, Octo-Samurai has become more personal over time. In some ways it is a metaphor of myself and my state of mind.

Artwork for a postcard sent to potential clients.
Artwork for a postcard sent to potential clients.

Later that year I did a promotional postcard featuring Octo-Samurai. 

Now a year later I am doing a comic for Octo-Samurai. The comic came from an urge to sharpen my skills and challenge myself creatively. Also every year I have my students write stories and make comics. So this year I decided to make a comic of my own along side of them. As usual when it comes to this character, it went from being a demo to something more personal. 

I plan to do the comic alongside my students so it will be released when they are all done with theirs in a few weeks. Between now and then I may do a post of my progress on the comic. I also will be posting updates on my Instagram and other social media accounts. If things go well with the comic I may expand it into a series or a small book if I have the time. 

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