Octo-Samurai Flashback 2 (and process video)

A new chapter of my web comic Octo-Samurai is out now. This is the last part of the 2 part flashback showing the origin story of King Squid and the main character Octo-Samurai. Read the series here. Below is a video of the inking and coloring process of this chapter.  

New Youtube Channel

Over the past few months I have been recording the process of how I create my work. Now I’m sharing my paintings and illustrations via Youtube. Here is a preview trailer of what I’m going to be on the channel.  You can subscribe now to be notified when I upload new videos.  

New Octo-Samurai Comic Pages

The second chapter of Octo-Samurai comes to an epic end. (I promise this will make sense in the comic) For anyone who doesn’t know Octo-Samurai is a side project of mine where I draw the epic story of an octopus… who is also a samurai that fights ninjas underwater. In addition to being super fun to…

Octo-Samurai Comic Coming Soon

What do you get when you mix sea life, over-the-top anime, and motivational pep talks ? You get my new Octo-Samurai comic. Octo-Samurai is a character I made up as part of a 30 day sketch challenge I did with Bea a year ago. Ever since the challenge it has been a reoccurring character in my…