New Book: Two By Two

Hi Everyone, I am proud to say I am in the process of illustrating a new children’s book. It will include over 30 hand painted full page illustrations of animals, so if you or your child enjoy going to the zoo this is the book for you. Below is a short preview of what is…

Mini Mural for Frontier International Academy

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to paint a small mural for Frontier International Academy in Warren , MI. This small elementary school had just opened up their doors and was accepting students in their newly renovated building. During the process of decorating the school I was called in to add some color to the…

News: Illustration Featured In Storyteller Magazine

The above illustration is an older piece I did as a personal project. Recently, I was approached by Storyteller Magazine about publishing the artwork in their winter issue. So now it has a nice home in this Tennessee based magazine. It has been a while since I have posted, and I have a lot more…

Lots of NEW ART

I haven’t shared anything in a while. That is because I have been busy working on lots of new art planing some changes to the website. I will take the time to talk about what I am sharing in this post in detail later. For now here is a quick run down of some of the new artwork….


The Octo-Samurai comic is just about done! On my last post I spoke about working on a new personal project. When I started the comic it was to do artwork with my students. After my sketches turned out better than expected I decided to make it into a more finished short comic. Above is the…

New: Sketchbook Paintings 3

Ready for more small paintings?  Here are more of the paintings from my sketchbook. These and more paintings are part of a book I will show later. For now, enjoy!

Inktober 2015: Best of Inktober 2015

Last month I participated in Inktober a month long event where artist post ink drawings throughout the month on social media. Here are some of the best drawings and sketches from the month.