Sketchbook Paintings 5: Casein

Are you looking for a new painting challenge?

Do you love oil painting but need to be able to scan it for reproduction? Want to have something besides watercolor to paint out in the field? … I answered yes to these questions. I also found the one medium that has made it possible to have the feel of oil and the cleanliness of gouache (my primary illustration/painting medium).

That medium is casein.

2016-02-27 12.06.00

Casein is basically the best things about oil and gouache paints. It took some time to get used to handles (very similar to gouache) but I am very pleased with the medium.

I was introduced to it by seeing painting videos by one of my former professors at College for Creative Studies, Don Kilpatrick. After getting seeing his videos and blog posts by the legendary James Gurney, I was very curious, I bought a few tubes of my own.

I tested it out on a trip to Starbucks, I did a quick drawing then painted it from imagination later that day. I was mainly exploring how it works and what methods work for me. After that was the real test.

paint studyfeb2016 4

This is a quick and small still life of a corner of my mother’s living room done in my 5x8in Moleskine watercolor sketchbook. It took some time to get a used to the paint but I really like it. From the oil like feel to the cleanliness of it, I think this medium is a great addition to my studio.

I’m going to continue to work in this medium and maybe do a full painting with it once I am more comfortable using it.

Until then, thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed the art.


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