Animated Banner for The Descovari Channel Blog

Earlier this month I worked with Ashleah Sy’Mone on updating the design of her fashion blog, The Descovari Channel. Ashleah is a fashion stylist in Atlanta, GA and a close friend of mine. Along with some things behind the scenes, I did the animated banner top) for the blog and a static banner (bottom) for her other social media…

Creative Book Review 3: “Making Ideas Happen” by Scott Belsky

  The forces that help us be productive and execute our ideas are often the odds with the very source of our ideas: our creativity. -Scott Belsky Years ago while I was still a student at College for Creative Studies I met a man who was an excellent storyteller. When he told me his ideas for…

Postcard Illustration: Octo-Samurai

I wanted it to be something epic. I always liked the over the top fights in anime and martial arts movies so I decided to go in that direction when working on the illustration. This piece is an illustration for my promotional postcards I’m sending out to potential editorial clients. The inspiration came from a…

Creative Book Review 1: Make Art Make Money by Elizabeth Hyde Stevens

“It is foolish to think we can’t be both artists and entrepreneurs , especially when Henson was so wildly successful in both categories.” -Elizabeth Hyde Stevens  Originally published in 2013, Make Art Make Money isn’t your typical book with 10 lessons that will set you on the path to greatness. It doesn’t give you a…

Your Art Matters

Your Art Matters 18 x 24 in Acrylic, spray paint, watercolor, ink, gouache and paint marker This is a poster I made for my classroom for my students as a reminder that the art they do matters. The idea sprang from a conversation I had with Bea Jackson about complements people give us (artists); things…

Batman Returns

16×20 in Ink and Digital This piece was inspired by the animated movie Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 an animated movie about an older Bruce Wayne who comes out retirement when the crime in Gotham drives him to be Batman again.      

Building the Plane While Flying It

17×11 in Gouache and Photoshop This was made for a private client who gave me the task of illustrating the phrase “Building the plane while flying it”.

The Blue Beard

The Blue Beard 5×8.5 in Gouache and Digital Illustration inspired by the folktale about a rich man who murders his wives.

First Judgement (Noah)

First Judgement 21in x 14.7in Ink, watercolor,paint marker, acrylic and enamel paint  


Expanse 11x7in Watercolor, ink, digital Illustration for my forthcoming art book Origin.

Souvenirs of Hell

“If we insist on keeping Hell (or even earth) we shall not see Heaven: if we accept Heaven we shall not be able to retain even the smallest and most intimate souvenirs of Hell.” – C.S Lewis

Eden Rising

Illustration for my upcoming art book Origin.


Illustration from my upcoming art book Origin.


Illustration from my upcoming art book Origin.

Origin Promo

Promotional artwork/teaser for an upcoming book.