Cover Art For Power of One LLC

Recently on a post by one of my favorite illustrators John Hendrix on instagram I was reminded what it’s like on the other side of a commission. It is easy to forget the amount of time, effort and money goes into a project before it gets to the artists that get it ready for release….

Where did Creative Book Review #6 Go?

I’m saying it because debates are taking place in cinema, painting, dance, fiction, poetry and theater on issues where Christians have something to give, and yet they are not even being heard. – Steve Turner Don’t you hate it when you work hard on a project you can’t use? If you follow me on social media,…

Scripture Inspired Artwork for Kyra & Jacqueline

  A few months ago I did this and some other artwork for two wonderful ladies named Kyra and Jacqueline. One of the things I enjoy most about working with individuals is forming relationships with people and helping support new small businesses. I met Kyra at one of the schools I taught at last year. After running…


Expanse 11x7in Watercolor, ink, digital Illustration for my forthcoming art book Origin.