Student Resources


Below are videos, book recommendations, and other links that would be beneficial to art students.

The Basics of Improving Your Art

  1. Get started. Do be afraid to start, everybody’s first (fill in the blank) is rough and filled with things they would have rather done differently. No matter how bad it is starting out you will be able to improve but if you don’t’ start you will never get be able to reach the level of quality you are looking to achieve.
  2. Make more art. Create something every day, even if its bad. (There is no way around putting the hours in and improving your skills)
  3. Learn from other artists ( by watching videos, reading books, looking at great art, asking questions etc.)
  4. Don’t be afraid to mess up/ fail. It’s going to happen, projects will at times turn out bad and have to be redone or abandoned completely: the best thing to do is to learn what you can from them and move forward.
  5. Show your art to people. Get used to sharing your art, both online and in person. Your audience (no matter how small) is important, they give you a different perspective and their comments and questions can help you see what is working and whats not working in your artwork.
  6. Complete your projects. A lot of artists have a hard time finishing a project they started (especially large/ ambitious projects) because new projects are more exciting and its easy to lose motivation to finish an older project as time goes on.

Comics and Webcomics tips

Youtube playlist of videos about starting and creating comics

My own comic art process

Painting Tips and Timelapse Videos 

Below are videos with tips on painting.




gouache timelapse


Mixed Media

Scott Fisher is one of my favorite painters he has a pretty unique approach when it comes to his work, his process videos are definitely worth watching.

Making Videos for YouTube

Getting started

lighting and supplies