Website Updates

I have been making some changes to the site for the past couple weeks. I added more of my history in the about page, added process work to my sketches page, and other small tweaks. Check them out and tell me what you think.

Inktober 2015: Best of Inktober 2015

Last month I participated in Inktober a month long event where artist post ink drawings throughout the month on social media. Here are some of the best drawings and sketches from the month.

Inktober 2015: Week 5 Upcoming projects

Over the past month I have been posting ink drawings and sketches for #inktober. For the final week of inktober, I decided to do drawings of things I have lined up for the future.  The sketch above is part of the process of the illustration for a book review of “Die Empty” I plan to release next…

Inktober Week Four: Tales From The Back-burner

This week I put more effort into the sketches for this time. I spent more time on these so I only have three to show for this week. The drawings this week are things I wanted to do a serious illustration of but I didn’t find the time to do it. The first sketch (above)…

Inktober Week Three: People

Inktober continues with week three. This time around my theme was people. The set is mostly casual drawings done on my breaks between teaching classes.

Inktober Week Two: Tea

I’m back with another set of #inktober drawings. This week I chose tea as my theme (because I’m a huge fan of drinking tea). Next week I will have a new theme with more pictures.

Inktober 2015 Week One

Every October artists from around the world take part in an event called Inktober. During Inktober artists produce ink drawings and share them online everyday… that’s basically it. I’m not sure how much time I will have to do drawings but every week this month I will be posting drawings and sketches done in ink. …

Postcard Illustration: Octo-Samurai

I wanted it to be something epic. I always liked the over the top fights in anime and martial arts movies so I decided to go in that direction when working on the illustration. This piece is an illustration for my promotional postcards I’m sending out to potential editorial clients. The inspiration came from a…