Octo-Samurai Chapter 2 Preview

I’m back to working on Octo-Samurai. The next chapter was very fun to work on. In the first chapter I left the story at a cliffhanger (if you missed it check it out here) . Octo was in a losing battle outnumbered and hurt. It didn’t look good for our hero…

Octo-Samurai chapter1-4

This is where most people would add something like, “Will he survive? Will he find away out of this desperate situation?” Find out next time on…

Octo-Samurai Chapter2 preview

But we all know its obvious the answer is “Yes, and it will be epic”. In the next chapter of Octo-Samurai you will be able to see just how epic it will be when the fight turns around. I’m having a lot of fun with this chapter, and it shouldn’t take very long for me to have it ready for everybody to see. Until then enjoy this little preview of thisĀ panel I am working on.

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