Where did Creative Book Review #6 Go?


I’m saying it because debates are taking place in cinema, painting, dance, fiction, poetry and theater on issues where Christians have something to give, and yet they are not even being heard.

– Steve Turner

Don’t you hate it when you work hard on a project you can’t use?

If you follow me on social media, I said not long ago I would be reviewing  Imagine: A Vision of Christians in the Arts by Steve TurnerAfter a lot of work, getting feedback, rewriting it a couple of times and almost finishing the illustration I decided to not post it. I decided to not post it. There was nothing wrong with the book (I loved the book and would encourage both Christians and non-Christians alike to read it. It just didn’t fit what I started the Creative Book Review for. The book is mostly about Christian culture and how it relates to the arts, not art or the art business. Sorry to anyone who was looking forward to that review.

The next book review will be worth the wait. I’m reading two really interesting books so it wont be long before I have another review on the blog.

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