Inktober 2015: Week 5 Upcoming projects

inktober next 1

Over the past month I have been posting ink drawings and sketches for #inktober. For the final week of inktober, I decided to do drawings of things I have lined up for the future.  The sketch above is part of the process of the illustration for a book review of “Die Empty” I plan to release next month.

Scan 147 copy

This sketch is from the next book review Art & Fear Part 2 coming out later this month. 

inktober backburner 3

This is a sketch of a free-draw pass for some of my elementary school students. I also am making sketches for signs and little notes for my students. 

inktober next

Last of the bunch is just a quick sketch I did on my birthday. Last Friday was my birthday so I drew a slice of cake. Ironically at the time I hadn’t had my own birthday cake in almost 5 years. That concludes my drawings for inktober. Later I will post a summery with all of the best drawings. I took some time off  from writing book reviews to spend sometime reading books and making improvements to how I plan to move forward with them. So I’m glad to announce that later this month I will be back to posting the book reviews. 

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