Inktober Week Four: Tales From The Back-burner

inktober backburner

This week I put more effort into the sketches for this time. I spent more time on these so I only have three to show for this week. The drawings this week are things I wanted to do a serious illustration of but I didn’t find the time to do it.

The first sketch (above) was inspired by a conversation about morality I had some years back. In simple terms, we discussed “moral gray areas” and the view of things being black and white. I wanted to (and still may) do a piece that says absolute moral rights and wrongs do exist. Sometimes we are involved in situations that make doing the right thing complicated. 

inktober backburner 1The second sketch (left)  is one I used my acrylic inks on. The portrait is of a good friend of mine who I have been wanting to draw for awhile. I used green because that is her favorite color. 

P.S  She’s my unofficial writing coach too. 

The third sketch (right)  is an idea I wanted to do from the time one of inktober backburner 2my all time favorite rappers Dre Murray released his last solo album titled Gold Rush: Maybe One Day  The sketch was inspired by a track called Rameses the Great  where the featured artist Propaganda does a spoken word piece about the futility of spending your whole life only focused on acquiring more riches. 

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