Your Art Matters

Your art matters

Your Art Matters

18 x 24 in

Acrylic, spray paint, watercolor, ink, gouache and paint marker

This is a poster I made for my classroom for my students as a reminder that the art they do matters. The idea sprang from a conversation I had with Bea Jackson about complements people give us (artists); things like “you are going to be famous”, “you’re going to be rich” are common but artists most of the time don’t do art with fame or fortune in mind (at least not at first). What we really want isn’t something that is said with words but rather we want to know and feel that the artwork we do matters.

2014-11-27 11.31.32  2014-11-27 14.18.20 2014-12-11 16.27.50 2014-12-11 06.48.202014-12-23 21.05.042014-12-13 17.06.352014-12-24 10.37.29 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. hholliday16 says:

    Nice composition and idea! 🙂


  2. ericjaspers says:

    Nice drawling’s


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